fics from summer b1a4ss

i thought i was going to edit them but… i really can’t. i wrote them so quick that i’m just like NO. I CAN’T TOUCH THEM. (but i’m hoping that posting them on lj and posting them here will motivate me to pick up some of the in progress stuff i have going on)

anticlimax | baro/gongchan/cnu | PG | 2500 w

warning/note: implied character death.

the world does not end with a bang.

They got going. There was nowhere they had to be, and they didn’t even have solid plans as to where they were going, but the clock was ticking and there wasn’t a minute to lose. They could die today, maybe a landslide or one of them could burst into flame, it could be anything and it could be today. Or tomorrow, or the day after, that kind of uncertainty could light a fire under anyone’s ass.

a little pain | baro/gongchan, baro/cnu | PG | 1750 w

being angry and hurt and a little bit crazy is a part of the healing process.

It wasn’t normal, to see Chansik everywhere like this, to hear his voice and talk to him as if he were solid and present. He saw every detail of Chansik’s face, even more clearly than when he’d actually been there. He talked to Chansik more than ever, every day, and at any given hour, regardless of where he was.

Saturday | cnu/sandeul | PG | 1500 w

a saturday spent together.

He wonders if it’s something worrying that a trip the supermarket and a few tickles and a belly full of warm food is all it takes for him to feel lazy. It doesn’t take anything more than that to make Dongwoo want to set all the things they bought aside, wrap his arms around Junghwan and lie around, Junghwan’s warm back against his chest.

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